It takes time and effort to produce a comic. Sometimes an independent artist can feel like a fish out of water when it comes to promoting their own work. At times it can be difficult for retailers to contact independent creators and arrange to stock their titles. We understand creators can’t be at every convention to make direct contact and sales with their immediate audience. When we looked at how readers and retailers and creators were haphazardly communicating with each other, it was evident there was a need for something; enter: Indie Comic Previews.

This site was created to provide an accessible and comprehensive list of independent comic books and links to the stores that support them and the artists directly.

There are no membership fees for any party involved. Our only fee, charged per upload of title, goes toward the cost of the hosting of the site.

Indie comic previews will be updated regularly. As soon as a creator advises us of a title release, we will post it. We welcome constructive feedback. Please get in touch with any suggestions or changes you would like to see made to this page. It is imperative that it is as user friendly as possible for the entire comic community.

Indie Comic Previews; by creators, for creators.