Universe Gun

In the 37th Century, the age of superheroes is over. Superhuman powers are illegal, and the Life Star, an amazing satellite from another universe, rots in Earth orbit. Solar System society is stagnant, and highly stratified between Earth and Mars. An unlikely group of heroes/activists get together to shake up this status quo. In brief: Psychedelic Sci-fi Xmen! 5/12 issues published to date.

Panda Days Tradeback Vol.1

Panda is a cute, short-haired girl who just wants to live a fun-filled life, but how can she when she is constantly being tormented by evil ninjas? The only one who can possibly help her just happens to be drawing her in his own comic book from his dreams. These two, along with dozens of other colorful characters, dealings with the everyday struggles of a chaotically funny world.


A runaway from a dysfunctional magical family learns there is a time for flight... and a time for fight.

Gloaming #1

Doug Carter, a rock 'n' roll journalist, has followed the career of teen prodigy, Tommy Jordan, for years. He's about to publish a book about this extraordinary young man, only to be told... there's never been any such person. Desperate to prove that Tommy is real, Doug comes to the small town of Gloaming, Tommy's origin, to find answers...and instead finds only more questions.

The Era of Great Wonders Book 1

The Era of Great Wonders is the ongoing tale of the people caught in conflict between the enormous monsters that have laid waste to their home, as they struggle to survive in the wreckage and tell their stories in the own words. It focuses on the adventures of Eugene, James and Bethany, three children who grow up exploring the wasteland around them and befriend one of the giant creatures.

Thunder Volume One Graphic Novel

Half Norse God. Half Canadian. SUPER Polite. That's THUNDER, a young man who has just returned to Midgard (Earth) after spending his youth in Asgard. Trying to find his place in the world, he is beset by armoured villains, beings from other worlds, and a dude with a monkey face. Seriously? And it's all happening in Canada!

Diaperman: The Complete First Series Graphic Novel

The adventures of Diaperman, a fetishistic hero, and his sidekick, Sleepers. Together they keep Megopolis safe from the threat of The Spanker, the Black Whip, and the Fetish Five...even if no one wants them to.

Twilight Detective Agency

Two Gargoyles run a detective agency from the shadows, hiding from their clients the fact that they're not human. They happen upon a murder that reveals a deeper world of dark magic, mystery, and world-threatening peril.

How To Make A Friend

How To Make A Friend is a short story about an old wizard, who misses his late wife and is shunned by the people in the local town. He is so lonely he decides to make a friend using a magic spell book and creates a small pixie like creature. Comic is 30 pages, Square bound to give that faux Perfect bound finish All art and story by Chris McQuinlan

A Question of Promise

Eric is an ordinary twenty-something guy. His housemate Dice is an extraordinary sentient pool-of-water. Together with Eric's girlfriend Eden, they go on the biggest adventure of all - Life. Sixteen issues free to read online or purchase from comiXology, Amazon, Google Play and more fine online retailers.