Xtreme Champion Tournament #1

Spartacus has been cloned and is now forced to fight a Minotaur. Can Spartacus overcome this destructive force or will his life end just as quickly as it has begun? In this issue the readers are introduced to Oscar Keenan, the owner of XCT and a much older Dr Stein, who's motives for resurrecting Spartacus are a mystery.

Xtreme Champion Tournament #0

In the year 2069 secret archaeological digs over the last 50 years are going to rock the foundation of what we all believe. The remains of heroes, villains, monsters and creatures that we have long believed to be myth or legend have been found. The remains have been used to create clones which are caged, retrained and forced to fight in the most brutal sport in the world the "XCT".


Hail is a superhero comic about a woman called Lena who crumbles into shards of glass whenever she has an episode of anxiety. This makes it hard for her to make it through each day without anyone finding out. But every time she falls apart, she learns more about how to move through the glass. When she witnesses a friend being attacked she knows she has to find a way to act.