The Wedding Planet

3 astronauts land on a planet inhabited by women. Hijinks ensue as they race against time to repair their spaceship before the women get them.

Hawai’ian Warrior

Kye is a local Hawai'ian, who stumbles upon an ancient power and uses it to right the wrongs he sees. Little does he know he has a demon inside him threatening to destroy all his worked for.

Fart Puppies

3 puppies fart over their back fence and go on a wild adventure. It's all farts, and all fun, for everyone who loves a good fart joke.

Cos I Cosplay

Cos I Cosplay tells the story of a 19 year old girl who wants to get into the world of cosplaying. Does she have what it really takes to make it?


Eric walks into the small town of Clarkville looking for a job at the local pub. What he discovers is something truly horrific.

The Legend of Rock #0

The legend of Rock is the spiritual journey of one boy and his friends as they... wait... No it's not. Join Rock, Krovan his squire and Scorch on one of their many Crazy adventures as they stumble in and out of action-packed fun. If you're a fan of Adventure Time and The Hobbit, then this is a story for you! The Legend of Rock Created and illustrated by Chris McQuinlan. Written by Matt Nicholls

3rd Degree Burn : IGNITION

Three heroes will try to stop a madman from turning a medical miracle into an unstoppable weapon that can destroy mankind as we know it !