Pandeia Issue 05

Tholemo convinces Corben to make camp for the night. Corben recounts the story of how he came to find The Tome of Thanatos by following clues left by his late father, Erasthmus.

Pandeia Issue 03

Three days prior, the DVNR-1 was suddenly lost to the Cadian desert during a field test. David Winfield and Salman Wedge begin the search for the DVNR-1 and its pilot, Marcus Blair.

Pandeia Issue 02

Corben and Tholemo explore the Temple of Thanatos and make a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Minauld nearly gets blown up, but manages to hitch a ride with her would-be killers, Shooter and Ragtag.

Tikki’s Giant

Welcome to Tikki’s Giant comic! Created by Jason Berek-Lewis, Art by Andrew Law, Letters by Drew Close. Launched in 2014, Tikki’s Giant is set in a fantasy world with Knights, Wizards, Magic and Giants! Hope you all tune in for the ride. If interested Issue #1 can be purchased from my Etsy shop:

Cobber #2

A mysterious and dangerous gunslinger arrives into the outback town of Durham. Meanwhile tensions in the town continue to simmer to boiling point as the deadly Stewarts cross paths with other local families.

The Talking Bread

This tasty comic book series will tell the story of 24 self-aware slices of bread, and their survival on the streets in CBD Melbourne. In issue 1 you will meet 6 of the 24 slices and the perils that lay ahead of our slices of bread.

Dead Weight

With the loss of his family our main character is driven by focused anger and goes down a dark path of secrets and human trafficking to help his new friend find a lost sibling.

Robot Evolution

Robot Evolution is a story set in the near future. A society not far removed from our own that has become even more reliant on technology. A potentially dangerous relationship between humans and machines. The story revolves around the work of a technician, in the midst of a bout of recent occurrences of machine malfunctions. – A potential robot uprising,, – A new evolution of robot consciousn

Fabled Kingdom v2

What if Little Red Riding Hood wakes up a legendary kingdom that has been asleep for sixty years? What if she then has to prove her worth by passing three difficult trials? Buy it on the BentoNet:

Short Ghost Stories: The Man with the Axe in his Back

Trapped in an elevator with a murdered man... A woman's foot savaged by something as she reads ghost stories late at night... A boy flees from a battlefield, only to be swallowed by a tree... A starving family struggles to stay civilised... Here are four spine-chilling, Twilight Zone-esque stories illustrated in comics-prose for you to read in the late hours of the night.