Crucifix Executioner vol.1

Medieval xenophobic RAGE boils to the surface in a maelstrom of BLOOD soaked vengeance as a haywire psychic uses his powers to exact revenge.

Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil is a story about two teenage brothers in the 1930's. They have discovered remnants of an experiment conducted by H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla, and found a way to use it to contact another dimension. The brothers are determined to use their findings for profit, but for these boys things never go according to plan. The book is available for $5 Physically or $3 Digitally

Armoured Science Kung-Fu Cats

Abducted, prodded, probed, and scanned. Five cats fall prey to their own curiosity, and embark upon a journey that will lead them to protect all that they know and love. Follow along with the Armoured Science Kung-fu Cats as they receive advanced technological suits that transform them into the heroes the universe needs.

Any Port in Storm

Any Port in Storm is set in the near future, after teleportation has been made illegal. It follows Tag, a tour guide of Storm City, the first wonder of the post-porting world and her mission to save her city and discover to truth behind the ban on teleportation.


Godlikes is a silly fantasy story for grown-ups. The story is about the adventures of Wiz (a charming and eccentric gentleman), Hela (a tech enthusiast with hoarding problems), Heyden (a strange kid with even stranger powers) and Adamant (a hot-headed man in power armor who is probably from planet earth) as they travel through the planes with an impossible goal: Drawing an infinite map of the ...

Space Parasaurolophus

When a dinosaur is abducted by aliens, he receives the gift of rationality and goes on many adventures in space.


Orphaned by the Cold War and plagued by questions, Erik “Domino” Mueller is forced to confront his past when he intercepts a cryptic numbers station communiqué and deciphers a single phrase. D0m1n0. And while Sasser worms its way into thousands of global computer networks, a man claiming to be Erik’s biological half-brother arrives with answers. Unconvinced of the coincidence...

CruZader: Agent of the Vatican

LOGLINE: A reluctant exorcist is retrained as a holy hitman for the Vatican against his will; he must embrace his destiny in the face of an apocalyptic prophecy.


What happens when government corruption and corporate greed outweigh the rights of a small aboriginal community - who's going to stop them?


"Starburn" is the fastest ship in the Galaxy, its the kind of ship you don't buy you steal! That's exactly what its current owners did. The Motley Crew of space scoundrels and smugglers will take on any job for the right price.