"Starburn" is the fastest ship in the Galaxy, its the kind of ship you don't buy you steal! That's exactly what its current owners did. The Motley Crew of space scoundrels and smugglers will take on any job for the right price.

Those Shadow People #2

Sarah Saber has become enwrapped in her father's plots. Dr. Richard Saber, a physicist specializing in the research of dark matter and dark energies, inadvertently caused his daughter to be exposed to dark matter. Now forced to go into hiding, Sarah and Richard lay low in the deserts of Sante Fe, New Mexico...


Something sinister is killing people in a Washington State Park. Is it animal? Is it Supernatural? When all the evidence points to the unexplained a veteran detective will have to go against all of his training to solve the unsolvable before it's too late!

The Unseen

A Battle for the sea of souls is at an end, the time has come: Armageddon. Since the dawn of man, they (Angels) have been influencing us, guiding us and, protecting us. God has now created a new breed of Angels. Once men, now immortal and carrying their lingering human emotions and free will, they are empowered beyond imagination to usher in the end of the world as we know it. The Devil ...


AGENT: WILD is a HUNTER (assassin) for the alien police force, 12TH HOUR. While serving a suspension for a prior, failed, mission that ended in the death of her partner, AGENT: BLACK WINTER, she is suddenly reactivated and sent on a routine mission that's anything but. She discovers a plot to destroy the galactic alliance, The Union of Species. Civil war is on the horizon and Agent: Wild ...