Final issue of the three part series: I HATE SNAKES! The ultimate showdown when Victoria and Scott are captured by Native Indians and have to confront the Colonel and the bad Doctor to rescue Uncle Rudy. What happens next will surprise you and give you more reason to say: "I HATE SNAKES!"

The Elvis Files #1

The King of Rock & Roll has faked his death and become an FBI agent. In 1991, he's on the trail of a serial killer who takes his victim's eyes. Meanwhile, a hack journalist has gotten a hold of the Elvis Files and knows Elvis' secret! Fans of The X-Files and/or Elvis will enjoy this 3 issue series!

STAR MISSIONS No. 4 – The Food Planet

Rescue attempt goes wrong and Colonel Hand makes a false step. Blue-Ray meets Teleka, beautiful Jamill from Planet Pladus. Belter gets a big surprise.

STAR MISSIONS No. 2 – The Precanus System

Book two picks up when THE SWARM left off. Blue-Ray goes missing and a the Colonel takes control. Keep up with the latest as we uncover more star missions.

STAR MISSIONS No. 3 – The Strolla System

Belter has lost power, his family and his will to live. In a series of flashbacks, we see how he discovered Angel's Gate and helped Terra recover. Also, how Belter made first contact with Zorag, the Hydran Leader. Somehow, his memory also could have revealed that the mysterious Hydrans know more about Terra and Belter than previously thought.


Continuing story with Victoria and Scott getting into more trouble. There is more going on than fighting with slithering snakes. There are a few with two legs too. See how they deal with the twists and turns in this adventure story where Snakes are the predator and Man must find a way to survive!

STAR MISSIONS No.1 – The Swarm

Science Fiction Adventure series that takes place in the early 23rd century. Man has successfully populated a distant star system and for the past 25 years lived peacefully among the two alien worlds in the "Strolla System". All of that is about to change and the series begins. Follow the adventures of Blue-ray, Amanda, Governor Belter, Colonel Hand and other great characters and aliens.

STAR MISSIONS No. 5 – The Korram

Flaad Interrogates Blue-Ray. Ray and Teleka attempt an escape.

AHA! the Alternative Hero Agency

A graphic novel parody of famous superheroes & mo.jpg' />

A graphic novel parody of famous superheroes & movie characters.


Victoria's visit with her scientist Uncle Rudy in the Amazon rainforest starts out with excitement and it keeps on going. It is a roller coaster from cover to cover.... Rudy has disappeared and Victoria and her friend Scott must figure out what happened to him. They meet some shady characters along the way and plenty of scary snakes.