It’s Cold in the River at Night

Animator and illustrator Alex Pott’s first long-form graphic novel is a psychological drama and a coming-of-age tale, where the protagonist is too old to come of age, doesn't experience any personal growth and is instead pushed to the brink of his sanity…

All In Good Nature

After being chased by bullies Zack Dodson witnesses a supervillan's plan to steal chemicals from a factory, He is chased through the Laboratories warehouse and shot. Wakening up in hospital and stopping an attempt on his life he realises his life might never be the same again.

As Cold As Ice

A Russian girl receives icy powers a few weeks after her birthday. her father and the town try to protect her from the evil that threatens to steal her powers and her life while she and her uncle manage to escape to England.

Hot Head

After an explosion that killed his mother Anthony begins to train for protection. He learns his mothers killer didn't die in the explosion, after tracking him down in his ancestors armour he is abducted and experimented on by the same man he was tracking.