Evil Witch Allie and the Black Whole

Jake's two greatest fears are going into the bog behind his house and talking to the boy he has a crush on. When he finds a little girl claiming to be a witch wandering alone outside his house, his attempts to find her parents lead him to do both in one night. Neither endeavor will go quite the way he hopes.

The Return of Gaia Force

380 years after they were created, the team of protectors known as Gaia Force have fulfilled their duty towards Gaia and Earth. Free to pursue their own destinies, the team has disbanded and everyone has gone their separate way, but now, a new threat arises when the rogue guardian Q'Aestor appears

Shamrock #1

Originally serialized in Fantasy Scroll Magazine, SHAMROCK is now collected for the first time with an all-new, never-before-published prologue! A wandering warrior sets out to rescue the people of her village, avenge her parents death, and take her place as rightful ruler of the kingdom. "...a fun and rather nostalgic fantasy comic... Definitely a series to invest in!" -- Charles Payseur, Quick

Work Force Comics

WorkForce captures the daily grind of working a job you hate with a comical and often satirical tone. The comic draws inspiration from a combination of art and film. Creator, Michael Archie describes WorkForce as a blend of the popular comic series The Boondocks and Frank Miller’s: The Dark Knight Returns, as well as popular films like Friday, Office Space, and the Sci-Fi thriller They Live.

The Couch #1 Regular Cover (Matt Magill)

The Couch is a humorous look at the life of Dr. Warren Lee, a psychiatrist with no money, one patient, and an eviction notice. Just when all seems to be at its lowest for Warren, he accidentally becomes the exclusive therapist to the superheroes of Megalopolis. This is not another superhero story, no, it’s the story of how a not-so-good-at-his-job, or personal life, psychiatrist fails upward into

It’s Cold in the River at Night

Carl embarks on a search for the last remaining practitioner of an ancient local tradition. His quest brings him to a craftsman who is very different to the type of man he was hoping to find. A psychological drama and a coming-of-age tale, where the protagonist is too old to come of age, doesn't experience any personal growth and is instead pushed to the brink of his sanity...

Shamrock #3

In her continued quest to find the Emerald of Creation, Shamrock comes face to face with her past. She and her mighty tiger companion, Ruarc, also meet more creatures of the realm, and find that things are not always what they seem in the Kingdom or Kerlow.

Blind Luck

Blink Luck tell the story of 2 gangs of robbers who are unknown to each other robbing a casino on the same night. One gang is Brutal, loud, Crazy and murderous, the other gang is very humble, honourable and stealthy. Get ready for action.

Shamrock #2

After liberating her people from the slave camp, Shamrock and her tiger companion, Ruarc, set forth on their journey to find the enchanted Emerald of Creation. Along the way, they run into a curious band of merry monks.


RRBA is a comic about what life would be like if everyone had super powers. Taking cliche's from popular comics, manga and fighting games and deconstructing them. The story follows Elmando Laarz. A young man who is the son of a famous hero. As powerful as Elmando is, he has no desire to save the world. He would rather use his powers to impress babes or get REVENGE! Follow Elmando and his friends a