Ninja Express

Ninja Express is an action/ comedy inspired by anime and video games. Tired of feeling like a side character in his own life, an out of shape boy joins his high school's ninja club in hopes of fulfilling his dreams of becoming a hero, but soon learns of the dangers posed by the club's rivals.

XCT: Most Wanted

The book uses 6 different writers and 6 different artists to produce 6 short stories within the XCT universe. These short stories are based on different cultures famous myths and legends; with some of the cultures included in the project being Maori, Trojan/Greek, Britannia, Norse and more.

Captain Koala

After growing up in a National park Captain Koala decides he would like to see the outside world, little does he know that the outside world is coming for him! The Australia Secret Service is on the tail of gun smugglers who operate right under Captain's tree which makes Captain a witness; and that means the Koala is now under the protection of the Jolly Joker, an A.S.S agent who will stop at noth