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Apr 2017

Shamrock #3

In her continued quest to find the Emerald of Creation, Shamrock comes face to face with her past. She and her mighty tiger companion, Ruarc, also meet more creatures of the realm, and find that things are not always what they seem in the Kingdom or Kerlow.

Universe Gun #8: Inner Space

The 8th issue in the psychedelic superhero scifi saga! Things get real, or is that virtual? Princess Amtora and Cyberius XII launch their audacious plan against the Great Database of Mars. What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this special art issue, featuring 8 full splash pages guaranteed to make the first seven issues look like a kitchen sink drama!

Mar 2017

Cobber #3

After crossing paths with the two feuding families of Durham, the Gunslinger finds himself the only one standing between them. And following a night of festivity, tensions in the town reach trigger point when Roxy awakens to a startling discovery.

CADAVERS 1: Doppelgänger


Whispers In Necropolis #2

The Storyteller, Theodosia, is waiting for you on the outskirts of Grimsmont City. Unearth the ghostly secrets contained in the twisted and macabre tales of Grimsmont City and its devious residents. Each book consists of four unique and twisted short stories told by Theodosia, the ghastly "Storyteller". Plus one pinup poster drawn by talented artists from around the world.

Jan 2017

Shamrock #1

Originally serialized in Fantasy Scroll Magazine, SHAMROCK is now collected for the first time with an all-new, never-before-published prologue! A wandering warrior sets out to rescue the people of her village, avenge her parents death, and take her place as rightful ruler of the kingdom. "...a fun and rather nostalgic fantasy comic... Definitely a series to invest in!" -- Charles Payseur, Quick

3rd Degree Burn : IGNITION

Three heroes will try to stop a madman from turning a medical miracle into an unstoppable weapon that can destroy mankind as we know it !

Dec 2018

Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout

It is the 1980s. Venice Beach has been taken over by Weight lifting gangs, Yuppies and evil ninjas. An 18 year old dance instructor ,Sheri Ken, has inherited the skill of a ninja by the way of ancient chants and Heavy Metal music. She must use her ninja skill to annihilate any foe who threatens her dance studio and to make it time for her next Hollywood audition.

Dec 2016

STAR MISSIONS No. 6 – Reunited

Blue-Ray is safely back in the Strolla System but Major Lee asks him to go back to the Food Planet to try to recover Colonel Hand. Flaad reveals things about Terra's past. Jonathan Belter's memory of the lost 10 days starts to return. Emerson starts to create trouble.

All The King’s Men anthology

"Sometimes it's impossible to mend what has been broken..." Refugees marooned in deep space swap stories in All The King's Men, a huge 700 page sci-fi anthology. Featuring stories from twenty-four brilliant writers from around the world, the anthology takes a look at the lives of ordinary people struggling to make sense of their lives and dreams in a galaxy torn apart by civil war.

The Elvis Files #2

The killer's second victim has been found! F.B.I. Agents Elven Patterson and Dean Bonnero may have found some evidence to lead them to the killer! Ruben Howell's friend, Ricky, arrives in New York with the elvis files but will he be able to get the files to Ruben? Elven reveals to his partner how he knows so much about this particular killer! Another 1978 flashback!

Nov 2016

Courier – The Adventures Of Geraldine Barker Issue #2

The Adventure continues. P.M.G. Courier, Geraldine Barker is stranded in Maydena town for the night! Her modish presence has sparked suspicion amongst the locals... Is Maydena as quaint as it .jpg' />

The Adventure continues. P.M.G. Courier, Geraldine Barker is stranded in Maydena town for the night! Her modish presence has sparked suspicion amongst the locals... Is Maydena as quaint as it appears to be?

The Sixsmiths Vol.02

The Sixsmiths are a family of suburban Satanists recovering from the global recession. Jezabelle, has returned to the fold with a frightening new zeal. Recently converted Dennis O'Dowell finds that adopting a new faith has not made him as cool as he had hoped. But when the church burns down the community is embroiled in a crisis. What hidden enemy has brought them this low?

Universe Gun #7: Flares

Issue 7 of the psychedelic superhero scifi saga! Something strange is happening on Mars. A boardgame is disrupting the delicate fabric of Martian society? This is only the first surprise in store for Princess Amtora as she returns to her home planet.

Oct 2016


Final issue of the three part series: I HATE SNAKES! The ultimate showdown when Victoria and Scott are captured by Native Indians and have to confront the Colonel and the bad Doctor to rescue Uncle Rudy. What happens next will surprise you and give you more reason to say: "I HATE SNAKES!"

Mars One #1

Earth finally has a colony on Mars! Things go well for a while, then a strange message followed by silence prompts NASA to send a small crew to investigate. There's a mystery on Mars. What is the secret that the red planet holds? A 3 issue sci-fi mystery series!

Sep 2016

STAR MISSIONS No. 5 – The Korram

Flaad Interrogates Blue-Ray. Ray and Teleka attempt an escape.

Universe Gun #6: Blackhole

Issue 6 of the psychedelic superhero scifi saga! The Universe Gang regroup after the disastrous Ibizopolis Pleasure Beach Massacre. Cyberius XII comes to a startling realisation about the rebellion he plans to lead to change the solar system, and a surprising new member joins the team.

The Elvis Files #1

The King of Rock & Roll has faked his death and become an FBI agent. In 1991, he's on the trail of a serial killer who takes his victim's eyes. Meanwhile, a hack journalist has gotten a hold of the Elvis Files and knows Elvis' secret! Fans of The X-Files and/or Elvis will enjoy this 3 issue series!

Aug 2016

The Talking Bread

This tasty comic book series will tell the story of 24 self-aware slices of bread, and their survival on the streets in CBD Melbourne. In issue 1 you will meet 6 of the 24 slices and the perils that lay ahead of our slices of bread.