The Sixsmiths Vol.02

  • Publisher: Caliber Comics
  • Creator: Script: Jason Franks/ Art: Jan Scherpenhuizen, Jase Harper, Dean Rankine, Trevor Wood, Luke Pickett, Aly Faye, Bruce Mutard, Tim McEwen, Bobby N, Sarah Howell, Anton McKay, Ed Sienienkowicz, Gregory MacKay, Sacha Bryning, Simon Wright
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Content Rating: Mature Readers
  • Release Date: 01 Nov 2016
  • Size: AmericanStandard
  • Pages: 154
  • B/W or Colour: Black & White
  • RRP: $USD$17

The Sixsmiths are a family of suburban Satanists recovering from the global recession. Jezabelle, has returned to the fold with a frightening new zeal. Recently converted Dennis O’Dowell finds that adopting a new faith has not made him as cool as he had hoped. But when the church burns down the community is embroiled in a crisis. What hidden enemy has brought them this low?