Xtreme Champion Tournament #2

  • Publisher: COMICS2MOVIES
  • Creator: Shaun Paulet, Brendan Halyday, Jerry Gaylord
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Content Rating: 10+ Old
  • Release Date: 21 Mar 2015
  • Size: American Standard
  • Pages: 24
  • B/W or Colour: Colour
  • RRP: $AUD$6.99

In Issue 1 we were introduced to Oscar Keenan the owner of XCT and his scientist Dr Frank Stein. Although Oscar’s motives seem pretty clear, Dr Stein’s motives are more of mystery. In this issue we will see the development of his relationship with Spartacus, as well as what’s going on between Spartacus and Lozen. Plus we introduce our first villain into the series Baykok!